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DM-4 Reference
TC Sounds 15" LMS
Sealed TC-3000
RSS 10" 300W Sub
Dayton/Morel MTM
Swans M3
Monitor W690X
AI10S Surrounds
Center Channel
TC Sounds 15"
10Triple10 Sub
15" Ultimate Sub
EBS Shiva
Shiva QB3


  • HomeTheaterShack.com ~ Home of the super-useful software tool Room EQ Wizard (REW).  Get tips on how to equalize those room modes and get bass into the teens.  Small section on DIY speakers and subs that's growing every day.  Friendly, helpful crowd and recommended for anyone with an interest in Home Theater and getting the most out of your audio gear.  www.hometheatershack.com
  • AVSforum.com ~ This is a very popular forum with hundreds of members viewing any one sub-forum at any given moment.  I've been hanging out here a lot lately just getting ideas on HDTV's.  They have a small DIY section that just got started, but for all other audio/video related stuff, there's just about everything you could want here.  The forum is meticulously divided into several sub-forums with specific topics so navigating around to just what your looking for is easy.  Although some threads can get to be over hundreds of pages long, there's definitely a lot to sort and sift through.  But the folks seem nice and friendly even to noobs and their noobie questions.  www.avsforum.com
  • HTGuide.com ~ A great place to talk about everything related to everything home theater, including a very popular DIY section.  www.htguide.com
  • The Home Theater Forum ~ This is one of the best forums on the web for any and all of your audio questions.  Forum consists of multiple areas of interest ranging in the following categories: DIY & Advanced Home Theater, Hardware, Software, Satellite and Dish, Movies, TV Shows, Manufacture's Feedback, For Sale and lots, lots more.  You must join to make posts but anyone can just read along to gain knowledge.  Allows various HTML codes within posts which make this forum not only interesting but fun to be a part of too.  www.hometheaterforum.com
  • Home Theater Talk ~ Another great place to get information and ask questions regarding most of your home theater and DIY adventures.   They take pride in their forum as being focused and comprehensive.   Friendly and fun atmosphere with other great stuff such as reviews of the latest audio equipment including subwoofers, articles, personal home theaters of nearly 40 members, and some funny cartoons that change periodically.   www.hometheatertalk.com
  • Madisound Discussion BoardGot a question about which driver to use for a particular speaker you want to build?  The Madisound board is filled with do-it-yourselfers who are more than willing to share their experiences with you.  Great place to ask general questions regarding speakers, crossovers, amps, etc.  Over 1500 messages are kept on post as well as an extensive message archive.  www.madisound.com/cgi-bin/discuss.cgi
  • Brian Steele's Talk Shop ~ Also known as The Subwoofer DIY Page created and run by no other than Brian Steele himself.  Very active discussion with new posts every minute.  Similar to the Madisound board with the same good type of help and advice from other DIY'ers from around the world.  Easy to post messages and no registration is needed.  www.diysubwoofers.org/talkshop
  • Parts Express Technical Talk ~ This is a really great discussion board that gets a ton of traffic.  Get answers to your questions within minutes of making a post.  Paul from PE gives you evaluations on drivers from personal experience.  Especially if it's a driver Parts Express carries.  They can help you design the right crossover, build the right size box, or help you choose a particular driver when you just can't decide.  Highly recommended.  Over 12,000 messages displayed at a time.  www.pesupport.com/cgi-bin/config.pl



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