Terminal Bliss was formed in 1992 consisting of members Dan Marx and Dave Ciemny.  Because the two had similar backgrounds and similar musical interests, writing music together came easy for them.  The album Dreamdom was their only official release and managed to sell over 80 copies of the tape.   The third song on the album "Cry Me one Baby" was their chart buster hit and was played at numerous dances throughout the Southern California area.  Comprised of all keyboards and programmed drum machines, Terminal Bliss became a hit among fans almost overnight.  This web site is dedicated to them.
Biography of the band

Dave and I both grew up in Thousand Oaks of sunny southern California.  We've known each other since at least 7th grade.  I remember he lived right across the street from the school and during lunch he used to sneak across to his house, open his bedroom window, point a loudspeaker facing out towards the lunch area and play Depeche Mode as loud as he possibly could so that everyone within a mile radius could hear it.  That was Dave.  Always trying to make an impression and always standing out in a crowd.

That's probably the only area where Dave and I are quite different.  I like to sit back, and watch others stand out around me.  I take the back seat to almost any situation.  So how did Dave get me to do three live shows performing songs that we had written in my living room?  To this day I have no idea.

And Terminal Bliss is formed

"Dan just dreamt it up one day."  Dave, speaking on how we came up with the name.  Later we realized I had merely fallen asleep in front of the television one afternoon and caught only a glimpse of a movie preview starring Luke Perry which was in fact entitled Terminal Bliss.  By then we'd already coined the phrase.  It was stuck and here to stay so we left it.  The movie turned out to be a bigger bomb than anyone could have ever suspected and to this day most people never even make the connection.

This site is dedicated to this early 90's band Terminal Bliss and for all our fans, there is much more to offer here than just a few songs.  You'll find demo versions of most songs, instrumental versions, songs that didn't make the TB cut, as well as the official release of "Abuse" which was never released on Dreamdom.


Dan and Dave 1992




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