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How I Turned an Old HP Tower Case into an Awesome HTPC Case

Let’s face it, the era of the HTPC, or Media PC, is just about dead. With support for Windows 7 finally coming to a close, and by extension the renown Windows Media Center (aka WMC), combined with the fact that … Continue reading

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AMD A4-3400 Llano-Based HTPC Upgrade Rocks

Several years ago I threw together a cheap HTPC based on an AMD Athlon 939-socket chip. It worked fine over the years playing back standard-definition movies and streaming Netflix without issues. Recently however I noticed lots of skipping and stuttering … Continue reading

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Blu-ray and Pentium Get Along at Last

If you’ve ever wondered if that old Pentium IV computer you’ve got collecting dust in the closet might just make a great media hub capable of full 1080p, you may be surprised to find that it’s got just enough horsepower … Continue reading

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My Tired Old PC Gets Some New Hardware

I’ve been limping along with the same old Pentium 4 PC for longer than I care to admit. As long as everything was working fine, I told myself, I wouldn’t build a new PC until it finally pooped out. I … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Family Pack Transforms 3 Old PCs

For a brief period when Windows 7 was first released, Microsoft was offering a Family Pack of 3 licenses for the low price of $149 – that’s about $50 per license for an upgrade-only version of Windows 7. At that … Continue reading

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Upgrading an Old Dell Inspiron to Windows 7

With the release of Windows 7 and laptop prices dropping into the sub $400 range, one might take a look at their old, dated, nearly antiquated laptop and wonder whether it’s better to upgrade the old or buy brand new. … Continue reading

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