Aktion RC is proud to present the all-new x3 Series 540 Micro RS4 Conversion Kits.  All the power, all the speed, all the fun - times three.


On-line reviews:

Roelof Tooms, well known on many of the forums for his vast knowledge and expertise with all scales of R/C, bought a SLEEPER RS480 from us a few months back with a goal of making the fastest 1/18th scale R/C ever - and so far he has accomplished just that.  He recorded an average top speed of 99.9 kph (62 mph) with a slightly modified chassis and a super-fast brushless motor.  Way to go Roelof!  So far that's the fastest actual recorded speed of any Micro RS4.  We're proud that he was able to do it with one of our conversion kits.  Read his full review of the SLEEPER RS480 here.

Some posts made on the forums:

alright, this thing looks mighty! ... i love the looks of the chassis! after i built the chassis frame, i took my stock chassis off the rest of the goodies of the micro .. the size! my goodness it's amazing!  I love the strength and weight of the materials as well. VERY nice. - AzteK

I'm pretty psyched mine arrived today. Awesome quality kit. - lextek

I got my RS480 today. Everything is just perfect. Dan u r the man.  Can't assemble it until Sunday since I'm going to da beach tomorrow. - leonli17

Yup what he said!  I assembled it right after my finals.  This thing is a work of art Dan, I feel like I should of ordered two, one for racing with the nitro guys and one as a trophy!  Great Work! - trd

Comments via e-mail:

"I received the kit today, it is SWEET. Better than I imagined...I had a suggestion but I can't remember it right now. It is a sweet kit, I just can't get over that :D. This is my first CF anything, cuz I just stepped up from xmods.  My MRS4 is still non functional cuz it has no electronics, but I'm taking my time. Cuz when the sleeper wakes, he's gunna turn heads :D. I'm gunna be racing against 1:10. I don't care if I win, all I want is respect for kicking someone's ***. If I remember anything else, I'll email. I was skeptical about spending BDS$165 for just a chassis, but it's worth EVERY penny.  Again, thank you." - Rasheed

"Dan, This morning I did go by the post office to get the kit ! Looks good, many spare parts so I can break the rear end more often ;-)  Well thought of the tools for the screws, in a part of the world where metric screws and tools is used it is nice to have the right tools.  1st I have to rebuild my M18 for a race next Saturday and then I will start to build up my speed monster.  Thanx!" - Roelof

"Hello Dan, my RS4 540 arrived yesterday. Very cool stuff !!!!  Now I am waiting for some other parts ( alloy bulkhead, Ball diffs etc...) to complete it.  Thank you again !!!!" - Andreas Baumgartl

"Hi there. I'm very interested in your RS480 chassis conversion, being a huge fan of micro cars. I notice on your site that the chassis is currently sold out. Would it be possible to e-mail me when they are available again as I really, really want one!!!! Many thanks" - Barry Cheesemore A big fan of micro RC (from the UK!)

"I recently purchased 2 RS480 kits and they are great. They are so fast that the left rear wheel always came off.  I just ended up gluing all the wheels to the wheel inners." - Ed

"Dan, just received the Sleeper kit.  Looks great.  Can't wait to start building it."  - Bob Lasky

"Thanks and keep up the great work. Man that Sleeper kit is awesome!!!!! :-) Thanks." - Nathan Woolley

"Hello.  I'm emailing to say to make more kits.  All of my friends that have Micros were very impressed to see the RS480.  They asked where to get one and now since they just sold out, they cannot.  So I hope you do make more kits because I have a lot of people that want them.  Thanks." - Victor Melina

"...I must say that you have outdone your selves once again, with the new sleeper micro." - Edward Sigua

"...I want to thank you for making the sleeper.  This thing is truly amazing." - Ed Case

microHazMat posted this on one18th.com:

"Next day I drove to a new parking lot with a fresh slurry coating. I programmed the esc and hit the gas. WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! This car is quite possibly the fastest car I have every seen.  (Faster than my friends Serpent 910 with the Sirio 21 that is ported and polished!!!). Even running with the stock rear diff and in two wheel drive, this thing launched straight with a little driver correction."  Read the whole review here.

Rhys initially bought two kits and after driving his car once,  bought 3 more and had this to say about it:

"This little Micro is the fastest remote control vehicle I have seen thus far! It's faster than 5th, 8th, and 10th Scale vehicles! Running a whopping 9 turn double; it's unstoppable! Thanks, very much Dan Marx.  I can't wait to see the next addition!  Keep up the great work!" - Rhys

A post (just one of several) made by Troll on one18th.com:

"All I can say is it's fun as hell, and so far the most reliable setup I've had.  Including the 3500lm with a speed 300.

There's a few things I don't like about it, but mostly it's probably me being over critical. I've got about 10 packs through this thing. Even with a mod motor going down the street at top speed (40-50mph?? Who knows...) and whacking a curb and flipping all sorts of ways a million times, and I was off and driving again.  So I would say it's pretty tough.

If you're nutty, and just want to go fast and be one of the only boys on the block with the big toys, this thing is for you." - Troll

An email from Barry the day his kit arrived in the mail:

"Dan, The 540 arrived today.  Beautiful piece of work.  I now have to wait until Friday to get the rest of what I need to get it running. Thanks so much.  Do you have many more left? I think there will be a few guys around here wanting one soon!!!! Excellent service." - Barry

A post made by PhillyB the day he finally got to drive his Micro Hybrid:

"wow - it finally stopped raining here and i got a chance to run mine outside - and MAAAAAAN its fast, in like 20-30 ft its easily going faster than anything i've seen, and any more distance and its just smoking fast - i cant believe its so fast - my hands are still shaky from driving it - and i don't even have all the parts i need yet (gears for tuning, blinds pack, wide tires)

oh dan - this kits awesome btw - i hit a split in a parking lot just right at 1/2 throttle and it cart wheeled at least 10-15 times and knocked out my antenna tube - that was the only serious wreck and it survived

also it runs forever without anything getting hot at all - i wasn't counting but it had to have been 20+ min of full speed runs n turns" - PhillyB

An email we got from Dan in CA a week after shipping out his kit:


"well, just wanted to let you guys know that after 4 entire nights of setting up, i finally got to run it today during lunch.  it sucks.

haha j/k! (i would've paid $1 million to see your initial reaction) it's insane fast.  so after several minutes of driving around an empty parking lot...i was driving it back towards me so i can put my benz body on.  while i was braking, i underestimated the braking, and it skidded right into the curb, SNIFF SNIFF...

..so that's to let you both know how your 'baby' is unintentionally abused by us (trust me, after all the $$ and time i've spent on it, it's MY baby as well).  hopefully i'll get it working again tonight.  i'm just afraid that my esc circuitry was damaged from it, and because i soldered a deans connector after snipping off the tamiya plug, and that the warranty will no longer be valid.

i'll keep you posted with more of my future stories, hopefully which will be about embarrassing my friends' micros as opposed to breaking stuff again.

thanks again guys, you both did a great job with this." - dan






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