Aktion RC is proud to present the all-new x3 Series 540 Micro RS4 Conversion Kits.  All the power, all the speed, all the fun - times three.

January 2006 Lithium-Polymer 540i Conversion Kit - Order Now!

Part of developing new products is being on the cutting edge of technology.  This includes battery technology, and we didn't want to get left behind when lithium-polymers began taking the RC world by storm.  So we developed this little gem that we call the Lithium-Polymer 540i.  Designed for use with any one of two dozen different lithium-polymer packs currently available on the market today - a list that's growing fast, as new battery manufacturers make lithium's more and more powerful each month.  This kit will not only cater to 540 lovers, but since the lithium-polymer packs are so light, this kit is also ideal for use with any micro-type motor including 180, 280, 300, 370, 380, 400, and 480's.  In addition, it can fit just about any brushless motor you can find.  And we can't forget to mention, this kit is 11.1V capable.  There are just a few 3S packs that will fit under the hood of this beast, but the ones that do will be able to provide more voltage than is currently available in any other kit.  Speed records will be broken, tires will be shredded and history will be made. 

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January 2006 4-Cell Sub C 540r Conversion Kit - Order Now!

The 4-cell Sub C 540r is part of the latest x3 Series Conversion Kits and takes advantage of traditional Sub C-sized batteries found in just about every other RC car.  The 540r offers one of the greatest advantages over any of our other conversion kits - any 540 motor, no turn limit  This kit will take on a set of 3800mAh cells and run a 5T motor without breaking a sweat.  Additionally, it uses all standard electronics and can fit a full-size servo which is necessary when controlling the demanding power that such motors require.  While incorporating the interchangeable rear pod design of the RS480, this kit is versatile, practical, and extremely fast.  You 1/12th scale pan cars better watch your backs. 

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January 2006 Gen2 Micro Hybrid 540s Conversion Kit - Order Now!

How could we call ourselves Aktion RC if we didn't re-release the original Micro Hybrid Conversion Kit?  After all the e-mails, and all the requests in the forums, we would be doing ourselves and everybody else who has supported us an injustice if we didn't bring it back.  So here is it, the Gen2 Micro Hybrid 540s - and it's better than ever.  Redesigned beefier battery rails hold cells in place better, all-new short rear deck allows better fit of most bodies, super-wide upper deck provides a secure spot for mounting almost any-size ESC and receiver, and of course by incorporating our proprietary interchangeable rear pod design, this kit is more versatile, more stable, more reliable, more tunable, and gives you better performance than ever before.  Are you ready?

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December 2004 The SLEEPER Micro RS480 Conversion Kit - Download Spec Sheet

After playing around with 540 motors for almost 2 years, it was time to test drive another power plant that we'd been experimenting with - the 480.  With nearly as much power as a 540-sized motor, but in a can that was about 75% the size and almost half the weight, which used standard 2/3A cells, we were able to increase the power-to-weight ratio substantially and offer a much more versatile and tunable kit.  With the RS480 comes the introduction of the tunable interchangeable rear pods - a design which would later be implemented into all future conversion kits offering maximum performance on just about any driving surface. This kit proved that big-block power comes in all shapes and sizes.

May 2004 Wide-Weave Silver SSG Micro Hybrid Conversion Kit

The Wide-Weave Silver SSG kit was produced along side the Ice Blue SSG conversion kits and sold out about the same time.  It was given the name wide-weave to distinguish the weave pattern from the Collector's Edition SSG kit which used a more traditional tight-weave SSG.  The weave pattern is larger than in the other kits and made for a great-looking and more aggressive-style Micro Hybrid.

May 2004 Ice Blue SSG Micro Hybrid Conversion Kit

We always wanted to do a conversion kit in this really cool SSG material known as Ice Blue SSG and this was it.  This kit was pretty much the same as the original kit, with the exception of changing out some of the cap-head screws for the more low-profile and stylish button-head screws.  The Ice Blue color made it truly unique and a favorite among fans, myself included. 

November 2003 Collector's Edition Silver SSG Micro Hybrid Conversion Kit

With the success of the original Hybrid, the first lot of the traditional black carbon-graphite sold out within only a few months of its release.  People were catching onto the craze, and they liked it, a lot.  So this time around we decided to spice up the kit a little bit and offer it in the super-sleek Silver SSG carbon graphite with black anodized standoffs and black screws.  This truly was a Collector's Edition since the fewest of these kits were made and we haven't made a kit exactly like this again.  Still proving to be one of the fastest 1/18th scale monsters on the planet.

April 2003 The Micro Hybrid 540 Conversion Kit

The conversion kit that started a revolution.  The first-ever, fully-developed, Micro RS4 Conversion Chassis which allowed the use of a standard 540-sized motor to fit comfortably between its rear wheels.  This kit represented what just about everybody wanted in small-scale RC - gobs and gobs of unconditional power.  The kit was CNC-machined from both M1.5 and then later M2.0 quasi-grade carbon-graphite, the best material in the industry.  The name Micro Hybrid was given to it for its unique capability of housing a standard 1/10th scale 540 motor in a 1/18th scale platform.




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