Aktion RC is proud to present the all-new x3 Series 540 Micro RS4 Conversion Kits.  All the power, all the speed, all the fun - times three.


The Lithium-Polymer 540i Conversion Kit is no longer available. 




Please click on the links below to download the instruction manual for the Lithium-Polymer 540i Conversion Kit.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.  Please note: this kit has a 27-turn motor limit and should not be used with any 540 motor with fewer than 27 turns.

Get Adobe Reader

The 540i conversion kit accommodates many different types of lithium-polymer batteries which are available from a wide variety of online retailers.  Click on the link below to download the latest spreadsheet of many suitable battery packs for this kit.  This list is being updated as often as new information becomes available to please check back here often and always make sure you have the latest spreadsheet.

Please follow the links below for important information about lithium-polymer batteries:

Here's a few places you can buy Lithium-Polymer battery packs for the 540i conversion kit:

These templates can be printed out on your printer at home and used as a reference to determine which lithium-polymer packs will fit into the 540i conversion kit.  There are two factors which affect how big the pack can be: the size of the servo (micro, mini, or standard) and whether or not that pack will fit through the belt, or sit to the side of it.  Download both templates and see which one works best for you.

We do not recommend anyone attempt to build their own battery pack out of single lithium-polymer cells.  Always purchase pre-made battery packs from retailers who specialize in doing so.  Please follow all of the manufacturer's recommended usage guidelines for li-po cells.  You are responsible for understanding how to care for and maintain your lithium-polymer battery packs.  There are a lot of great tutorials and guidelines available online (see Recommended Batteries above) and we recommend you read them and study them so that you completely understand how to charge li-po packs, how to use them, and how to care for them properly.

Everybody knows that it's not just about how much power you have but how much weight that power has to push around.  All of the x3 series conversion kits are much lighter than any typical 1/10 scale car/truck, so the power-to-weight ratio with a whopping 540 motor, regardless of turn, is very high for all these kits.  Ultimately it comes down to what you think will be the best setup for you.

This is a simple spreadsheet that uses Excel to calculate predicted speeds given certain criteria such as motor RPM, number of cells, tire diameter, drag, etc.  A must-have tool for any hobbyist.

Got a useful link you'd like to share?  Send it to us and we'll add it here.

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Designed Exclusively for Lithium-Polymer Cells
Fits 2S and 3S packs
Any Stock 27T 540 Motor
Fits All Size Servos

Wide Upper Deck
Short Rear Deck
M2.0 Carbon-Graphite
Interchangeable Rear Pods
-12MM Maximum Traction
-15MM Medium Traction
-18MM Minimum Traction

AE VCS Compatible
RC18T Shock Compatible


4-CELL SUB-C 540r



First Lot Shipped on January 14th, 2006!




Accessories shown in pictures sold separately.  The Micro RS4 is a registered trademark of HPI Racing. 
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