Aktion RC is proud to present the all-new x3 Series 540 Micro RS4 Conversion Kits.  All the power, all the speed, all the fun - times three.

  Q:  I live in the USA, how much will shipping be?
:  Please see the shipping rates below.  We ship everything USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail with insurance and delivery confirmation.  You may email us if you wish to receive a tracking number after we ship your order with which you can check the delivery status of your package at www.usps.com

US Shipping & Handling Fees

  1-2 kits $6.00
  3-4 kits $8.00
  5 kits or more


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  Q:  I live in Timbuktu, how much will shipping be?
:  Our international shipping has recently changed.  All international shipping to any country will be a flat rate of $23USD (for 1 kit).  Some restrictions apply depending on how rural the area you live.  All international orders are shipped with via USPS Global Express Mail (EMS) with insurance and delivery confirmation.   Items usually arrive within 5-7 days of placing your order.  Using EMS costs a littler more than using other methods, but we have never lost a package over seas yet.  It is the best shipping service we can provide.  PayPal will automatically add the appropriate shipping when you select your country from the drop down menu.  Contact us if you have questions regarding shipping to your country.
  Q:  What is the x3?
:  x3 is the latest in a series of conversion kits that allows the use of any 540-sized motor to fit into HPI's popular Micro RS4.  There are 3 unique conversion kits being offered, each of which specializes in the use of different kinds of battery technologies.  You choose the kit that best suits your wants and needs.  All of the kits incorporate many of the same parts, so they can be interchanged with each other, including the replaceable rear pod design introduced by the RS480 which offers 3 different kinds of tuning options for the ultimate experience in performance, handling and speed.
  Q:  What comes with the each of the x3 series kits?
:  Since all of our products are only conversion kits, you will only receive the parts necessary to make the conversion from a stock Micro RS4 to a 540-Micro RS4.  Check out the Part List for each of the kits to see exactly what is included.  A basic parts list far all kits consists of the carbon fiber chassis pieces, the standoffs, and all the screws.
  Q:  What is the shock that I see in all the pictures?  Does that come with the kit?  Where can I get one?
:  The shock that we recommend using is the VCS shock made by Team Associated.  It does not come with the kit.  You can buy them for about $14 from places such as Tower Hobbies.  Also, you may want to try the Front RC18T shocks since they will also fit the kit and cost somewhat less than the VCS shock.

Q:  What stock Micro RS4 parts will I need to use from my original Micro kit with the x3?
:  You will need all the original Micro kit parts except for the chassis pieces and the parts that get replaced by the required list of hop-ups shown below. 

  Q:  What aftermarket hop-ups should I buy to go along with the x3?
:  There are a few items that are required and a few items that are just really nice to have.  This is a list of required aftermarket hop-ups:

Rear ball differential (HPI or Team Orion recommended)
Front ball diff or one-way differential
Aluminum, alloy or steel universal joints (dog bones)

Here is a list of really nice parts to have but aren't required for basic operation of the kit:

HPI servo mount and dual-link tie rod set
VCS Micro Shock from Team Associated
Aluminum knuckles (steering blocks)
Antenna mount

  Q:  Okay, I've got a stock Micro kit, with all the sweet hop-ups listed above, what else will I need to get my x3 running?
A:  You will need the following items:

Battery Pack - Lithium-Polymer, 4-cell Sub C, or 6-cell 4/5SC depending on your kit.
Battery charger - Make sure it charges the right type of pack you have.
Radio, receiver and standard ESC (1/10th scale type such as MC230CR, GT7, etc.).
540 Motor - Please abide by the turn limit specified in your kit.
Various 48-pitch pinions ranging from 27T to 30T (smaller pinions are recommended)

  Q:  What batteries fit in each of the different x3 conversions?
A Each kit in the new x3 Series kit offers the user the best battery option that suits his/her needs.  The Lithium-polymer 540i uses both 2S and 3S battery packs.  Check out the Lithium-polymer 540i page for more details as to which packs fit the best.  The 4-cell 540r uses regular sub C batteries, such as GP3300, IB3800's, etc. in a 3x1 saddle pack configuration.  Please check out the 4-Cell 540r page fore more details.  The Gen2 540 Micro Hybrid uses 4/5 Sub-C cells such as GP2200's and Sanyo CP-1700's.  Please see the Gen2 Micro Hybrid page for more details. 
  Q: Where can I get the right batteries for my x3 conversion kit?
ACheck out the following online retailers:
We've bought from all of these guys and they all offer great prices and exceptional service.

Q: What bodies fit on each of the x3conversions kits?
AThere are several bodies that comfortably fit each of the kits.  The bodies that best fit must be very wide and have a 150mm wheelbase.  The dimensions of each chassis as as follows:  Lithium-Polymer 540i = 100mm, 4-cell Sub C 540r is 98mm and the GEN2 Micro Hybrid 540 is 103mm wide.  Based on those dimensions, here are a few bodies that will fit:

Proline Mazda6
Proline F360 Modena
Bolink Camaro
Bolink Mustang
Various other Bolink Bodies that are wide
RAD Lambo SE
HPI Mercedes CLK
HPI Corvette C5-R
HPI Murcielago
Various BRP Bodies
HomeR 959C
HomeR New Body Coming Out

This is not a complete list of compatible bodies with the Micro Conversion Chassis.  If you've got a body that fits the conversion that isn't listed here, please drop us an email at support@aktionrc.com.

  Q:  How fast will this make my Micro RS4 go?
AFaster than you can even imagine.  Depending on the gearing and the type of motor you use, your Micro will be no slower than 40 MPH.  But you can easily see top speeds of 50+ MPH even with stock motors and conservative gearing.  But be prepared, because it is very fast.
  Q:  I want to buy the kit, but I'm worried about performing all the modifications.  Is it really that hard to do?
AThe instruction manual that comes with the kit is very detailed lots of high-resolution pictures showing in-step procedures for each modification.  All the modifications can be performed with only a drill, a piece of sandpaper and hobby file.  However other methods for performing the modifications is explained if you have power tools (like a  Dremel).  Keep in mind though, the x3 series conversion kit is intended for advanced hobbyists with significant knowledge with respect to electric RC.
  Q:  What is the best 540-sized motor that you recommend?
:  Any standard 540-sized motor that has an open endbell with replaceable brushes will fit any of the kits just fine.  Old-style stock motors with closed endbells do not fit. 
  Q:  Is there turn limit for each of the different x3 kits and if so what is it?
:  The Lithium-Polymer 540i has a stock 27T motor limit with standard 24 timing.  The Gen2 Micro Hybrid 540 has a 14T limit, and the 4-Cell Sub C 540r has no motor limit.  Please be advised that these motor limits are in place for the protection of your batteries and your motor.  Do not exceed these limits under any circumstances.
  Q:  Why is there a turn limit for each of the kits?  Isn't that something defined by the ESC?
:  The turn limit for each kit is defined by the batteries that each kit uses.  The lithium-polymer cells that fit the 540i kit have a limited maximum current discharge capability which can be exceed if a low-turn modified motor is used.  We have found that the current draw of stock 27-turn motors is well within the current limits of some of the best lithium-polymer packs which we recommend.  You can permanently damage your li-po battery pack if you exceed its rated discharge capabilities.  The same theory goes for the GEN2 Micro Hybrid kit which uses 4/5Sub-C cells which have a rated discharge capability of about 40A.  Therefore we have put a 14-turn motor limit on that kit again for the protection of the batteries.  The 4-Cell Sub-C kit has no turn limit since the cells it uses are designed to sustain very high current draws, over 60A without damage.  Also, since these cells are used in regular 1/10th and 1/12th scale RC cars, any 540 motor they make for those, will work in this kit.  Ultimately, however, your ESC also limits how low a wind you can run.  Be sure your ESC is rated to handle the motor you wish to run.
  Q:  What kind of ESC do I need?
A:  Any ESC that works for 1/10th scale cars will work fine.  But remember that not all standard ESC's can run all motors.  Check the motor limit on the ESC and be sure to follow it.  Micro-type ESC's are NOT recommended.
  Q:  My question isn't answered here, where else can I go for more help?
:  There are a number of great 1/18th scale forums which you can visit such as one18th.com and www.yourmicro.com.  Additionally you can stop by our very own forum at www.aktionrc.com/forums which is dedicated to 480 and 540 Micro owner from around the globe.  You can also email us at support@aktionrc.com.


  Q:  What is your return policy?
:  All returns must be made within 15 days of purchase and accompany a copy of the original sales receipt.  Item must be new, unused and in original packaging.  We reserve the right to refuse any returns that do not meet these criteria.  We will refund or exchange for the purchase price of the order only.  You will not be reimbursed for shipping and handling charges.



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