WordPress 2.1 Released

I upgraded to WordPress 2.1 tonight and so far I like it a lot better. After losing an entire post one night after hitting Publish only to have the server time out on dump everything I’d written into oblivion, I got into the habit of hitting ctrl A then C (select all and copy all). That way if the server decided to dump, I could quickly and easily just paste my clipboard back into a new post. 2.1 offers a handy Auto Save feature which is suppose to save your post without you having to do anything. So let’s try out the new Auto Save feature built into…oops. I lost the last two sentences I just typed. This is what I had typed before I “accidentally” closed down the window “2.1. I’m going to purposefully close this screen and see how much of what I’ve typed gets lost. Okay, 3, 2, 1…” So hey that’s not bad, only two sentences got lost, better than losing a half hour worth of tedious typing. Down at the bottom of the text editor window it says when the last time it autosaved. It appears to do it every 1 minute so you can’t lose too much. The picture editor appears to work better too, it’s more obvious what the picture is going to look like once its sent to the editor, and none of this messing with the image height anymore. Well anyway, the upgrade went without any problems and I finally got my Akismet working, so hopefully all the spam comments will be reduced. WordPress rocks, no doubt about it.

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