The Worst Blogger Ever

Okay, I admit it, I’m not the greatest blogger in the world. I thought it would be more fun to do, or I’d be more into it, but as time goes on, it just interests me less and less. I’m either a lazy bum or I have nothing to blog about, or a little of both. I’ve always been sort of at odds with the whole “let the world know everything about you” frame of mind. Part of me wants to let loose, and the other more sensible side, keeps me in check. That’s why I don’t blog on this site very often, or update my Facebook status or worse yet, actually attempt to even create a Twitter account. Must be my age showing through, because I know the kids just love this sort of stuff. This post in fact may never see the light of day, as do many of my incomplete drafts.

So what has Dan been up to these days? Well, I’ve been taking tons of pictures with my Nikon D40 that I bought a few months back. Hands down best investment I’ve ever made in terms of capturing priceless memories. That thing has paid for itself out of the great photos I’ve taken of my kids. Pictures that have captured moments in their lives that hopefully they will be able to look at one day and remember when they were young. Sure, the point-and-shoot cameras capture memories too, but there’s something unique about the way an SLR can capture so much more out of a facial expression, or a laugh, or a smile in one of my children. I absolutely love using it and can’t seem to take enough pictures. So much so that it’s brought me to an interesting topic of conversation regarding picture management and back-ups. I currently have just over 104GB of digital pictures that span the last 10 years of my life and lives of my wife and children. That makes up 40,173 pictures in 522 folders on my computer as of this writing. So I usually end up struggling with two things – how do you manage that many pictures? And how to you backup that many pictures to ensure they last…forever? But that’s a post for another day.

Other than that, we bought an Xbox 360 and Guitar Hero World Tour. Bought the Arcade edition from Target (and got a Jasper core). So the wife and I have been staying up late at night playing that instead of just watching TV. We’ve both pretty much mastered playing most of the songs on Bass on Expert, which is a bit easier than playing Guitar on Expert. I can play most of the songs on Hard, but Expert is still too much for me, depends on the song, but I’m getting better. The kids actually like playing it too. We just need to get some other games.

Though playing Guitar Hero has its fun, it hasn’t stopped me from playing the real guitar and writing my own music (okay, so it’s slowed it down a bit). I did manage to build a mini recording studio (a very modest one at that) in our den with some equipment I’ve been accumulating over the years. I built a super cheap Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) out of an old 2.0 GHz P4 computer. I installed the latest RC of Windows 7 and have been using that in addition to some free software (Audacity, Riffworks) to lay down some tracks of some songs I’ve been wanting to work on. It’s a lot of fun, but so far I haven’t turned out anything even remotely decent. But I’ve had some fun doing covers of other people’s songs and just figuring out how to play some new songs. I’ve added Coldplay’s The Scientist to my list of cool piano songs I can now play. I was intending on transcribing it, but so far haven’t got around to it. If you’d like it, drop me a comment and I’ll get my butt off the Guitar Hero and finish it up. It’s such a great song and fairly easy play. I’ve also been figuring out the tab for Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s. That’s a great song, I end up with it stuck in my head all day long, but it never gets old. And it’s a great song to just sit down and play. My wife wants me to teach her how to play it. And she never plays the guitar (unless you count playing Guitar Hero).

In other news, I’ve been dying to build a new Core i7-based computer to replace my aging 3.2 GHz P4 but so far just haven’t been able to justify the need to spend the $1300 it’s going to cost to get me the system I want (i.e., 920 CPU, 6GB RAM, X58 Mobo, 1920×1200 LCD, 10k RPM HDD, 2x 1TB HDDs, 4670 graphics, etc.). So it just sits in my Wish List over on Newegg while I watch the prices of hard drives, CPUs, motherboards and RAM drop into the dirt. Though in all honesty, the new MacBook Pros have caught my eye. I’ve been looking at getting a netbook to replace this massive Dell (that’s really just a huge brick) and the 13″ MBP just looks so stinking awesome. Not because I want to “switch” and become a Mac guy, but just because Apple’s sweet-looking hardware and insane battery life is so much better than anything Dell, Asus, Acer or HP have to offer, in my opinion. First order of business though would be to install Boot Camp and get Windows 7 on that little beast. That would be very cool. I’m not buying anything until Windows 7 is officially released. I’ve been using the RC for a month now and it is awesome. But again, a post for another day.

And that’s about it. It’s no wonder though that I never blog, this post alone took more time to write than I care to admit. Though I’m going to try and get a few extra posts in here in the coming months of some of the things I’ve been working on or playing with, and I’m going to try and keep them short and sweet, if that’s even possible coming from me. If not, we’ll see you in 8-10 more months.

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  1. Ahmed AbdulSalam says:

    Mr. Marx
    over the last three years ,I`ve been a huge fan of your entire website , and this is the first time ever I do a comment on it . I think I found my self sharing alot on common interests with you ,my main hobby since I was 10 is diy Audio , and Im a begginer in playing guitar . not like you !! and now I`m preparing my master degree in Control Engineering . I read almost all the pages in your websites . I look forward to meet you online to discuss some topix with you ….
    thanx alot for everything …. good bye

  2. Meghan says:

    I’d like to hear some more on that camera business myself…

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