More Flying Fun with the Super Cub

Well I’ve got a few more flights in on my new Hobbyzone Super Cub and all I can really say is this plane is a blast to fly. I’ve finally gotten the hang of flying around, doing loops, and zooming by overhead with the wind at super speeds. I still can’t land it, maybe because I don’t have a good landing spot. So far I’ve broken 3 props. I went to almost every LHS in town to buy more, ended up buying 4 more from two different shops. Now I should be set. Otherwise the plane is still in really good shape, nothing major other than the props has broken and I’ve crashed it everytime I’ve flown it so far. I mostly just end up hitting small trees/bushes and not crashing into the ground but I ran into a wall twice. The plane is pretty rugged and flies really well, as long as I keep it high in the air. Landing it just hasn’t worked out for me yet. I’ve got around 6 flights on it so far, which each flight being just a few minutes. I hand launch it now, instead of runway launching it like I did the first time (turms out it’s way harder to do it that way). But handing lauching it is a piece of cake, just throw and off she goes. I can’t wait to get my 8-cell pack, I need more power.

I’ve been looking at what could be my next plane to buy. I want to buy all new electronics too, Futaba makes a sweet 6-channel radio that I want. With that and a decent ESC for $25 I could have the SC up and running with all new electronics and at 72MHZ instead of the cheesy 27MHz which every neighborhood kid and his Radio Shack RC car operate on. Not that I mind the electronics that came with the Cub, for now I haven’t had any problems with them. I want to try experimenting with different 480 motors in the Super Cub. I want to get an RPM meter and measure what the stock prop spins at and then see what kind of motors I can buy to bump it up. To bad I know very little about props and pitches and thrust and all that. I downloaded MotoCalc from, which is a tool for calculating all that stuff and have been messing around with it. It’s pretty fancy software, and tells me more than I need to know about the many different configurations I could run in the plane and how it would perform. I’d like to drop in a Graupner Speed 480, since I used that motor quite a bit in the Sleeper RS480 Conversion. I like that motor, it runs cool, has a ton of torque, and I believe it’s faster than the stock Hobbyzone motor that comes in the plane. But faster isn’t always better, it needs to have the power to spin that prop too, which a 10×8 prop is pretty big. I can’t believe what kind of wind it creates if you stand behind it with it running full speed, it’s like a super wind tunnel. It makes sense, if the thing is going to fly at 30MPH, it’s got to blow wind at at least that speed, right?

Anyway, yesterday it was too windy to fly, I could barely hold the plane in my hand without the wind wanting to rip it out and take it far far away. And today it’s raining, no wind, but it’s raining. Maybe later on it will dry up and I can take her out. In the meantime I’ll be watching videos of other people flying their Super Cubs.

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