How to Build a Simple Under-Cabinet Shelf for Your Kinect Sensor

Kinect_Under_MountThis past weekend I built a small under-cabinet mount for our XBOX 360 Kinect. This sweet little shelf moves the sensor from above the shelf in the entertainment center (in front of the center channel speaker) to just below the shelf and tucks it neatly out of the way. The wire is more hidden now too and it looks much less thrown-together than it did before. I don’t think this post needs much detail, as the pictures pretty much speak for themselves, but I’ll add some words for anyone looking for a quick fix to clean up their Kinect integration into their media center.

I found a scrap piece of 3/4″ MDF that was 5″ wide and about a foot long. I marked it in three locations, at 3″, 4″ and 5″ and made 3 cuts. I took the 5″ piece and rounded the front, somewhat to match the rounded front of the base of the Kinect sensor. I routered the bottom half and sides of this piece also as well as the top of the support piece and the underside of the top piece. See pics for details if this is unclear. The routered edge simply provides a cleaner look as apposed to leaving it square.

I drilled, counteresunk, glued and screwed a pair of 2″ wood screws from the support piece into each of the top mount and base pieces. I drilled (4) holes into the support mount to accommodate the 1-1/4″ wood screws to mount into the underside of the shelf in the entertainment center. I spray painted it to match the entertainment center Heirloom White from Krylon. I did a fit check with the TV still in place to make sure it was sitting as close to the TV as possible without hitting the back of it. I removed the TV, centered the mount, marked it and screwed it in. I put back the TV and placed the Kinect sensor on its new resting place, its new home, where it will sit happily ever after. We played a quick round of Dance Disney to test it out and it works flawlessly. No complaints here.

Not much else to say about this little build. I know it’s a weak blog post, but not much is going on around here these days, but I do have something much bigger and better in the works. In the mean time, check out the pictures and thanks for dropping by!

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