E-Flite Brio 10 Flying Experience after Six Flights

I just wanted add a few more pictures and write up a quick blurb about the most recent flights of my Brio 10. I found a new place to fly, even better than where I maidened it. There’s a new subdivision going in right next to mine that is a little more than a football’s field away from my house. They’ve already paved the roads but there’s only a couple of half-finished houses going up, and development is slow, thanks to the suffering housing market right now. Aside from that though, this makes for a great place to fly my Brio 10. There’s tons of open space, and pretty much nothing else around, yet there’s a perfectly smooth paved road that’s more than long enough and wide enough to be my runway. I’ve flown out there 5 times now it’s just great. I’ve had two landings that were almost perfect, the others not so much. This plane needs some speed to land, but once you get the speed right, all you have to do is line it up with the runway, begin to throttle down and she floats on in for a touchdown. It’s so nice to have a good open flat area to land, I’m used to behind my house where theres bushes, rocks, dirt and cactus all around and very little room to land. Check out some of the pics below. Obviously this place won’t be around forever, but while it is, I’m definitely going to take advantage of it.

So the Brio is still flying really good. I have noticed the plane has a tendency to snap when given too much elevator input. Apparently this is pretty typical for these types of planes, so it’s just something I’m going to have to live with. It can be pretty scary though, the plane seems out of control for a split second. At least it only does it on heavy elevator input, which this plane does not need a lot of to begin with to fly well. So I toned down the elevator dual rates for about half what the manual suggests, and so far it’s been flying great. This plane does snap rolls like nobody’s business. I can do some pretty sweet high-alpha knife edge flight too. But that’s about the only 3D-esque maneuvers can I do. But that’s fine, I picked this plane knowing it was a pattern plane, that’s what I liked about it. My thumbs aren’t quite experienced enough to really make the plane do much of anything else, but rolls and dives and loops, but so far I’ve been having a lot fun just doing that and just in general trying to get better at flying and building my confidence up. Although I can’t help but start dreaming about my next plane. I’m always getting ahead of myself. Sometimes half the fun is picking out a plane, reading all about it (I read all 112 pages over on RCGroups.com for the Brio 10, there is a colossal amount of info over there on that plane and all planes for that matter) then buying all the parts for it and of course, building it, is probably the most fun. Of course flying ranks up there pretty high too. So for now, I’m just having fun flying my new Brio 10. And one of these days I will get some video, until then here’s some more pics of it on the ground, just looking pretty.

1-22-2008 update: I’ve got twenty flights on my Brio 10 and am really loving this plane. Still no video of it, but I have been learning some pretty cool tricks. This plane can do just about anything, and it looks so good in the air. It is a joy to fly. I’ve had a couple of really close calls though, doing stupid stuff, but so far have managed to keep it in one piece. Only the landing gear has been bent and re-bent over and over but otherwise flies just as good as day one.

tpextremempack2200.jpg diycgstand.jpg colorshadobrio.jpg brio10runway.jpg brio10ontherunway.jpg meandthebrio10.jpg

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