DIY In-wall RS Speakers and R/C Stuff

A couple years ago I came up with an idea on how to build a really cool in-wall speaker system that allowed the end-user to install any raw driver-tweeter combo they could imagine. Then, to my surprise, Parts Express began offering the exact same thing, which they call the In-wall Mounting System. With the concepts being identical, I can’t help but kick myself for not trying to get my idea into the marketplace sooner. At any rate, I’ve decided to pick up a set of (3) of the IMS-711 mounting systems to build into a set of 2-way speakers for my master suite making up the Left-Center-Right channels of a new Bedroom Home Theater. The speakers will consist of Dayton’s Reference Series 6″ Aluminum cone woofer and their 1″ Dome Tweeter. Both drivers offer excellent performance at a reasonable price and to my knowledge, no one has built these drivers into an in-wall, yet. I bought a set of these speakers last year with the intent to rebuild a small pair of bookshelf speakers. Well the project never really took off, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with these drivers ever since. I’ve got a cheap 27″ LCD HDTV mounted on the wall now with just a DVD/VCR combo connected to it. The plan will be to upgrade to a 32″ or 37″ LCD in the near future, but now I want to get in the new in-walls and a decent 5.1 channel receiver. For the sub I’m debating on trying out the new 8″ RS sub from Parts Express as well in a small ported box with a 250W amp. All I need is something small and inconspicuous to fill in the low end. It looks like a great little sub and could be a lot of fun to build into a system.

Anyway, so that’s it for now. On another note, I’m getting a new Futaba radio to satisfy my R/C plane addiction that recently has kicked in again. I’m still getting a lot of great flying time out of my Super Cub. It’s been a really great first plane, but I’m anxious for something more. I recently discovered that a friend of mine who lives in my same neighborhood is actually into R/C planes and flying. He builds planes from scratch and has this super-cool 22″ wing that just screams. So I’ve been looking into getting a flying wing, these things are insane, and can do crazy spins and soar as fast as 90 mph. It might be a bit much for a second plane, but they look like a lot of fun. The one I’ve been checking out is the SpeedWing 250 MkIII. It looks like one of the better setups out there, and you can go brushless for as little as $50. But getting a new plane means getting a new radio, so that’s the first step. Tower Hobbies has the Futaba 6EXP which just came out for $129 which as far as I can tell, should suit my needs for a long time no matter which plane I plan on getting. Should be fun, the hardest part though is deciding what to spend money on first, the speaker stuff or the R/C stuff. Decisions, decisions…


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