Death Cab Rocks The Amp

We saw Death Cab for Cutie last night and wow what a show! We skipped out on the opening act and found a spot out in the middle of the crowd about 10 minutes before the band walked out on stage. We cut it close but made it just in time. The house lights dimmed and everyone let out a few screams and woohoos as the band walked out and prepared for a night of rocking. My wife and I were pretty excited since this was the first time we got to see DCFC. They opened with 405 and ended the first set with Transatlanticism. For the encore Ben walks out, picks up a guitar and plays Follow You Into the Dark. You could hear everyone in the crowd singing along. That’s a great song, one of my faves to play on the guitar and sing along to. Then they sang Marching Bands of Manhattan, a cover song from The Sonics, and they ended the night with The Sound of Settling. Overall it was awesome. We wanted to write the set list down and make a playlist of the show but we didn’t have anything to write on or with. Not only that but I didn’t even bring my camera, so I didn’t get any pictures. Bummer, we were kinda far back though, so I’m sure they wouldn’t have turned out very good. Off the top of my head here’s what I rememeber them playing (not exactly in this order):

For What Reason
Company Calls Epilogue
Company Calls
The New Year
Title and Registration (probably my all-time favorite song)
Expo ’86
We Looked Like Giants (super sweet drum duo)
A Movie Script Ending
Why You’d Want to Live Here (this is such a great song, I grew up in CA and can relate)
Marching Bands of Manhattan
Soul Meets Body
Summer Skin
Crooked Teeth
Brothers on a Hotel Bed
Follow You Into the Dark
The Sonics Cover Song (I can’t remember what it was called)
The Sound of Settling

Some of the highlights of the show for me would have to be the 10-minute long version of We Looked Like Giants. Midway through the song they bring out another drum set, Ben takes a seat and just starting rocking out like crazy. For the next few minutes they just jam, Ben is quite the talent, playing drums, guitars, piano, singing, I mean it’s no wonder people just love them and the music they write. I felt kinda bad though because the guys in the band were rocking out more than anyone else in the crowd. Most people just stood there, although there were a few people here and there jumping or dancing, but for the most part I think Ben was more into the music than most of the people there, but I think everyone was still having a good time, there were no mosh pits, even though many of the songs could have warrented moshing, they were hard, fast and loud and definitely rocked. I watched The School of the Rock the other night with Jack Black, so the only adjective I can think of to describe the show was that it totally rocked, that’s all there is to it. The wife and I picked up a pair a shirts and called it a night (well, after we hit up The Cheesecake Factory, hmmmmmm). Definitely a night to remember, and I can’t wait to see them again when they come around.

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