Death Cab Plays Mesa Amphitheater in the Heat

Ben Gibbard and company performed last night in Mesa and quite literally rocked the stage for almost 2 hours straight. They played a total of 22 songs all of which sounded fast, loud and rockin’. They put their studio versions of each song to shame. Even the mellower, slower songs just rock when they play them live. They need to release a live CD. They’ve just got so much energy. After the first couple of songs, Ben and Chris commented on how hot it was. Yes, it’s hot in Arizona. Yesterday it was 109°F at 5:00 P.M. and by the time Death Cab came on it was still 103°F (though other weather reports say it was a few degrees hotter than that). Ben said “it’s like a microwave…in about 45 minutes…I’ll be delicious.” Chris said it was more like a “macrowave”. Ah, but it’s a dry heat guys. Nothing like Virginia this time of year. I was impressed though, even in the heat, they didn’t miss a beat.

There were very little breaks between songs, it was just one great tune after another all blended together into one great show. They played a good mix of old stuff and new stuff, the favorites and the classics. They put on such a great show that it was hard to believe it was already 10:00 P.M. by the time they played their last tune and said good night. I really just wanted them to keep going until they’d exhausted every tune off of every album. They kept the between-song chitter chatter at a minimum, but the best thing Gibbard said was in the middle of Follow You Into the Dark, there were a few people waving lighters in the air, and he says, “I like you guys keeping it real with the lighters, it makes a band feel they’re Bon Jovi.” Ben rocks. It was an awesome show, one that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Here’s what they played in order – Mesa Amphitheater, June 19th, 2008. This playlist is going on the iPod right now.

Bixby Canyon Bridge
The New Year
Why You’d Want to Live Here
Crooked Teeth
Long Division
Grapevine Fires
A Movie Script Ending
Company Calls
Title Track
Soul Meets Body
I Will Follow You Into the Dark
I Will Possess Your Heart
Sound of Settling
Marching Bands of Manhattan
Your Bruise
Title and Registration
No Sunlight
Styrofoam Plates
Tiny Vessels

I didn’t bring my camera to the show, but here’s some video that some other dude shot. Enjoy!

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