Death Cab for CSI: Miami

So I was watching CSI: Miami last night and was totally surprised to hear Death Cab’s Transatlanticism come in right towards the end. I recognized it after the first chord of the piano either because I’ve listened to that album so many times or because I’ve played those same chords on the piano a hundred times before, that Amajor to C#minor progression is undeniable. The song actually fit really well with the storyline of the show. It seems to be the thing to do with TV shows these days, take some popular (or unusual but nonetheless still very cool) song and play it over the last 3 minutes of the show. It’s just something about hearing a familiar song played to a visual image on the TV screen that resonates with viewers. I enjoy it a lot actually, and even though it almost is becoming a cliche to throw in some sappy song over a lame video montage of two people growing together, or apart as the case may be, it’s just cool when it’s a song from a band that you like. What was even better was seeing Death Cab on The O.C. last year, I mean when they were actually on the show playing at the club that Seth and that chick worked at where they always hang out. I think Transatlanticism had just been released, I seem to recall them playing The Sound of Settling on that episode along with one other song that can’t recall at the moment. Anyway, for anyone who wishes to play Transatlanticism on their piano at home, just sit down and play an Amajor just below middle C, drop to a C#minor, to a Dmajor, then up to an F#minor for second and back down to an Emajor and back to the Amajor. Your left hand plays the bass note of each of those chords and octave below the chord. And the Amajor is played with the low E instead of the high E. It’s easier to go right to the C#minor that way. If I knew how to read music or write it, I would actually transcribe it, but for now my week description will have to do. So it was cool to hear Death Cab on CSI: Miami last night, and I’ll be sure to post any other random spottings of songs from bands in shows.

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  1. Jamin says:

    So we have been watching CSI reruns and last night they played New Order: Crystal. The topic of the scene was they were racing over a dirt road and the song lyrics said “we break easy”. Also, they played Depeche Mode: Precious on a CSI not too long ago. I don’t remember what the scene was about, but it had to do with angels with silver wings. It’s always nice when good mucis is used.

  2. Jamin says:

    Oh yeah, it was when they were examining a silver bullet used to kill a wherewolf.

    Check it out:

    BTW, it’s hard to watch CSI Miami. Everything the lead guy says is with so much drama and emphasis!

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