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Dayton Surround Sound Speaker Installation

I tackled the daunting task of installing a pair of surround sound speakers in my family room theater this morning. This is actually the second set of surround sound speakers I’ve put in our family room. Reason being, shortly after … Continue reading

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DIY In-wall RS Speakers and R/C Stuff

A couple years ago I came up with an idea on how to build a really cool in-wall speaker system that allowed the end-user to install any raw driver-tweeter combo they could imagine. Then, to my surprise, Parts Express began … Continue reading

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Custom DIY Speaker Stands For Less

After I finished building my 2-way bookshelf speakers, the Monitor DX625 made from a 6″ Hi-Vi Research W6 driver and Vifa DX25GT 1″ tweeter, I began looking for a pair of speaker stands to put the speakers on. They needed … Continue reading

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