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Sealed TC-3000
RSS 10" 300W Sub
Dayton/Morel MTM
Swans M3
Monitor W690X
AI10S Surrounds
Center Channel
TC Sounds 15"
10Triple10 Sub
15" Ultimate Sub
EBS Shiva
Shiva QB3
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Random Other Stuff

  • Passive Radiator Stuff - Some information I've used in the past for doing PR subs.  Contains formulas for calculating mass required.

Passive Radiators

  • Ported Information - Formula for calculating port length and measuring Fb

Ported Boxes

  • DIY Servo Sub ~ Read about what we went through trying to develop a simple feedback controlled subwoofer using an accelerometer and a bunch of op-amps.  This was a Senior Project finished in April of 2000.

DIY Servo Sub

  • Impedance Analyzer ~ The ability to accurately and quickly measure the tuning frequency of almost any ported, PR or bandpass enclosure.  Also measures impedance peaks for finding fB of sealed enclosures.  A must for any hobbiest.

Impedance Analyzer


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